ESAA 16U FastPitch Softball


To Our Wonderful MSU Players from Your Coaches

We have great team spirit. What does this mean? Simply that when playing softball, we think of the team first and ourselves second. This is why, for example, you players are willing to take a walk sometimes even when you would much rather swing away.

The MSU coaches appreciate you giving us the respect that we deserve for managing the team. You all know that having team spirit also means never doing anything during a game that is detrimental to the team or disruptive to the game. You are wise beyond your years and your coaches are grateful.

So why are you willing to give us respect? Sure, we are adults and you are not. But it is more than that. What did we do to deserve it? Although to some it is self-evident, please allow us to detail a few things below.

·Coaches think about softball while everyone else is on the ski slopes or throwing snowballs. We organize everything in the winter so we, as a team, can enjoy another season of softball.
This is the first year for 16U. Last year was the first year for 14U. If it weren't for the very coaches that you have on MSU right now, everyone associated with ESAA would have been finished with softball after the 7th grade!
* If it weren't for your MSU coaches, you would still be playing with an 11" baby ball. There would have been no sliding, no stealing, no batting machine, and no website or E-mail.
*  ...and no other teams like our Niles friends to play!
*   Do you know of any other ESAA team that has a coach willing to hold so many practices?
Without your MSU coaches, no ESAA girl would have experienced Good Counsel, Thillen's Stadium, Loyola University, or the thrill of playing under the lights.

Please excuse us for tooting our own horn, but those are just some of the reasons we have earned and demand your respect. We don't get paid enough (nothing) and put in too many hours for it to be otherwise. We are really thankful that you know and honor this.

This is not to say coaches are always right. We welcome you telling us if something is bothering you. Some of you had a gripe and told us about it either before or after a game. We always take any problems you are having seriously and if possible accommodate your wishes. We are grateful that you know not to mouth-off to us or to disrupt a game. If you do happen to cross the line, you have had the class to apologize so that we can move on.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for being such a nice bunch of young ladies. Go Michigan State!
Your MSU coaches
July, 2003