What’s happening with 16U?

Updated February 23, 2003


·     ESAA has verbally (nothing in writing yet) secured the Good Counsel field with the new owners!!!!!!!!!

·     ESAA 16U management is having a meeting this week to tie up some loose ends.

·     ESAA is attempting to secure rights of play in Lincolnwood. Politics between their baseball organization and their Park District is complicating matters. We are attempting to speak with the Board of Trustees. This will not be resolved one way or the other for at least a month (posted Feb 13).


ESAA is also working behind the scenes in the following areas:

Initial thoughts are:


·     One of the teams will be named Michigan State.

·     If two teams, the other team may be named Duke or Purdue.

·     Instead of baseball caps, visors will be worn.

·     A chin guard will be added to the catcher’s equipment.

·     We are attempting to get ESAA to agree to pay for sliding pants and one long kneepad for every 16U player.

·     We are in contact with Dan Kosiba (Niles Commissioner) and all looks well. Dan thinks he will have 3-16U teams. Other suburbs may be solicited.


None of this is cast in stone and is only meant to be informative.